About Us

What is DecentCounpon?

DecenCoupon is you, the community of on-line shoppers. This is the place where we share the best deak with each other. Our goal is simple – bringing the best deals and bargains to consumers.

How does it work?

  1. Register an account.
  2. Submit new bargain.
  3. Vote for deals you like or dislike.
  4. Discuss deals with other shoppers.

While all the deals posted are community moderated, we do however have guidelines on what you should post and what are categorised as bargains

Community Moderation? Voting?!

To vote for a deal that you like, you need to

  1. Log in as a user
  2. Click on the green thumbup sign right under the count of current votes.

Bargains with more votes are more visible by other members in the DecentCoupon community. If a Deal receives enough votes it will be featured on the home page. However, if it gets more negative votes than the positive votes, it will be delisted automatically.

For more information, please see our voting guidelines.

But I am not looking for things to buy. I am selling!

If you are a merchant, an online store owner, an employee of a retail shop, etc, and would like to share your specials, you are free to submit them as well! However, they will be moderated by the same community so if you post bad deals, you will receive negative feedback!

For more information, see our merchant FAQ page.

Can I trust users? Are merchants paying to get their deals on here?

Anyone, including representatives of companies are free to post deals and comments on DecentCoupon. We do not charge anything to use this site. Whether you are a new user or long time representative, you will get treated the same way. Every vote, comment, and post is audited for any irregularities. Shill accounts, meatpuppets, and sockpuppets are banned.

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